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Learning Haskell

Learning Haskell

This documents my foray into Haskell programming. My functional programming language of choice is, for the moment, Racket (specifically Typed Racket), and while I’ve always been interested in Haskell, I’ve never taken the time to learn it properly.

This is heavily inspired by Learning Racket, a fun series which is, in pretty much all respects, the direct reversal of this.

I’m not sure how long I’ll continue to work through Haskell, how long I’ll continue to write about it, or how frequently those updates will occur, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep something of a record of what I figure out (to refer back to when I inevitably forget all of it).

    1 Day 0: A whole lot of nothing

    2 Day 1: Getting up and running

      2.1 Hello again, Haskell.

    3 Day 2: Into the rabbit hole

      3.1 Mastermind in Haskell

      3.2 Oh right, types are complicated

        3.2.1 Monads, functors, and applicative functors

      3.3 It’s types all the way down

        3.3.1 Build your own instances… maybe?

      3.4 Back to Mastermind

    4 Day 3: Moving forward, albeit slowly

      4.1 First, some review

      4.2 Getting back to business

      4.3 Some closing notes